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Landen Swain


Landen Swain moved to Bucks County to work as the Staff Associate back in August of 2021. Previously, he had lived in Forest, Virginia and graduated from Liberty University where he received a Project Management degree with minors in Creative Writing and Youth Ministry. Landen utilizes both of his minors by serving with the youth in Bucks County and through writing, which is a side passion of his. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Apologetics and Evangelism from Dallas Theological Seminary. Landen is active with the schools he his responsible for, serving as a substitute teacher for the school district and a JV Lacrosse coach at Council Rock North.

Having served as a volunteer Wyldlife leader in college and spent summers on Work Crew and Summer Staff at various Young Life camps around the country, Landen is excited to be on staff in Bucks County!

Jason Lollar

Upper Bucks

Jason and his wife Melissa have lived and served in ministry in the Upper Bucks area since 2013. Jason was involved with Young Life in high school and college at Wheaton, and is excited to be joining our team to pioneer Young Life in Upper Bucks. ​ He and his wife have a deep love and connection for the Pennridge community and we are excited to see how God uses them to start Young Life there!

Jason successfully raised the start up funds necessary and joined staff in August 2020. ​ He has recruited an adult committee and leaders to serve and they are developing a Young Life club in the Pennridge area. If you would like to be a part of this new launch please contact us!

Jason and his team have launched club and are looking forward to taking their 3rd camp trip this summer and launch Wyldlife in the fall!


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