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Bekah Siau

Lower Bucks

Bekah moved to Bucks County in October of 2019 and is excited to build Young Life here! Originally from the Central New York area, she got involved with Young Life as a college student at Nyack College. As a college-aged volunteer she was involved with a starting Young Life in Suffern, NY and later launched Wyldlife in there. After completing her masters of Pastoral Counseling in 2011 she took what she thought was going to be an interim position with Young Life Military-Club Beyond at West Point in the spring of 2012 and ended up staying on staff there for almost 8 years. She has been involved with Young Life since 2005 and has been on staff since 2008. ​

We hired Landen Swain in August of 2019 to serve as our Staff Associate to help develop and grow ministry in Newtown.

We are excited to launch Young Life in Newtown, PA and are looking to launch Wyldlife this fall (2021) then grow into central Bucks and the rest of the county!

Jason Lollar

Upper Bucks

Jason and his wife Melissa have lived and served in ministry in the Upper Bucks area since 2013. Jason was involved with Young Life in high school and college at Wheaton, and is excited to be joining our team to pioneer Young Life in Upper Bucks. ​ He and his wife have a deep love and connection for the Pennridge community and we are excited to see how God uses them to start Young Life there!

Jason successfully raised the start up funds necessary and joined staff in August 2020. ​ He has recruited an adult committee and leaders to serve ​ ​ ​ and they are developing a Young Life club in the Pennridge area. ​ ​ If you would like to be a part of this new launch please contact us!

Jason and his team have launched club and are looking forward to taking their 2nd camp trip this summer and launch Wyldlife in the fall!


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